ISMC - Economic Toolbox
Advanced Economic Systems Development:

Economic Infrastructure, Strategy and Deployment Options
Optimization of entities for local, regional and national economics
General, specific and strategic industry revitalization
Pro-active and counter-measure solutions
Private Mint and Alternative Currencies
Explore and Discover opportunities beyond the Stock Exchange
National Metals, Minerals and Resources Continuum
Treasury Reserves – metal, mineral, materials, resources, currency and securities
Zero Debt and Zero Interest Solutions
Options for projects, entities, jurisdictions and governments
Debt Elimination and Compound Interest Cancellation

Confederation LETS / NETS : zero debt zero interest green dollar;
Mutual Credit, NETS and LETS - National and Local Exchange Trading System
Based on the original LETS - Local Exchange Trading System developed by Michael Linton in Courtenay BC.;
Enterprise and personal accounts;
electronic banking, credit union, personal and commercial transactions;
electronic and polymer currency en route, as in alternative cash…

Does your sustainable portfolio include a zero debt zero interest green dollar?

ESG - Environmental, Social, Governance? check with to get educated.

Sustainable Banking Network? Is it green with no green dollar? ask

Debt & slavery forever or Equity & Freedom forever? who has the real power? Eh Whitey?

What is it going to be? Independence, Freedom and Power? Or someone else making the decisions that you may not like at all, as in zero?

Can you read in between the lines, recognize and decypher the lies, fraud, crime, agendas and ….so called conspiracy theories?

Are you ok with a weaponized political party engaged in economic and industry destruction, the relentless war against the family, the entrepreneur, the enterprise, the straight white male, real Canadians - the founding people? Are you tired of foreigners getting everything and anything while the straigh white male is disqualified from jobs and censored? If so, you are not alone and you probably know about the 1867 versus 1982, right?

Are you ready to be empowered, with powerful freedom of choice with relevant options? If so, you will make many new friends and have a whole lot more opportunity and a new power of commerce, free enterprise in a new economic system that can add to and work with everything you are doing now…isn't that interesting eh?

You can always choose personal and corporate welfare, endless debt, globalist "great reset" practice of genocide, debt, slavery, sickness, death, mind control, mass media, dumbed down education, mass immigration, mass importation, endless industry destruction, endless war against enterprise and the individual, endless traitors and idiots and imbeciles and imperialists who would like nothing better than to destroy you…

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The stars are in your favour and fortune favours the bold, so, imagine what audacity can do and a little help from an Intergalactic civilization eh?!